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Volkswagen is an incredibly successful automotive company that was first established in Germany in 1937. The company became popular from the outset with the release of the Beetle. Volkswagen translates to ‘people’s car’ and this is a theme that the company has attempted to stick with throughout its history.

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The Atlas is the German automaker's mid-size crossover SUV built on the same platform as the Golf. It can cope with up to seven occupants spread across 3 rows of seating inside its spacious cabin with cargo alongside them


Making its first appearances in the 1930s, the Beetle would go on to become the longest-lasting model as well as the most produced one. In the late-1990s the nameplate was revived using the Golf platform as the New Beetle


The Golf took over from where the best-selling Beetle left off. It's a versatile compact car that has led to many spin-off models including the Jetta. Many know the Golf for kicking off the hot-hatch craze with its GTI performance trim


The Jetta is the sedan version of the Golf that has been on sale since the late 1970s, it is heavily based on that hatchback. Over the years it has gone by many other names around the world including the Bora, Atlantic and as Vento


The Passat has been Volkswagen's mid-size or large-family car since the early 1970s. It sat on its own chassis for many years until recently where it was moved onto the MQB platform that is shared with most other models such as the Golf


The Sharan was a joint project with Ford to create a people carrier to rival those already scooping up sales in Europe. It was initially based on a custom chassis but in 2010 moved over to the same one used under the Passat


The Tiguan is the German automaker's compact crossover SUV offering that is also available as a mid-size crossover SUV in its long-wheelbase format. Modern versions of the car share their platform with the Audi Q3

About Volkswagen

VW was established in an attempt to be different from the rest of the pack. Cars in the 1930s were incredibly expensive and most ordinary people could only ever dream of affording one. So, the founders of Volkswagen created a car that could be produced cheaply and sold at a reasonable price. They ultimately came up with the beetle. It was slow, unequipped and noisy, but it was affordable. The Beetle was an absolute landmark in Germany at the time as it allowed the middle and working class to afford something that previously only the richest members of society could get their hands on.

World War Two massively altered the direction of Volkswagen. Instead of making more family-friendly cars, the company turned its attention to military vehicles. They created utility vehicles such as the Bucket Car and the Amphibious Schwimmwagen, in an attempt to aid German forces. Unfortunately, during this time, the company made use of slave labor to produce more than 80% of its vehicles. The mid-1900s were a dark time for the company.

Fortunately, post-war times have been much more optimistic for the company. The company has developed its cars to keep up with almost every competitor. They’ve branched into almost every car niche too. From supercars like the Bugatti Veyron, to SUVs like the T-Roc, VW has revolutionized the car market like no other. They have become one of the richest car brands in history and their success is only continuing.

They have controlling stakes in many other automakers too, including Lamborghini, Audi, Skoda and SEAT.

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