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Ford Expedition Service Manuals

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About The Ford Expedition

During the mid-1990s the Ford Expedition went into production as the company’s flagship full-size SUV.

It replaced both the Bronco (which had grown from a compact SUV into a full-size SUV) and the Excursion (which did continue to be manufactured until 2005).

To build the Expedition the American automaker took the F-150 pickup truck platform and added an SUV cab, with both models sharing many components.

Ford markets the Expedition through its luxury wing Lincoln as the Navigator but with many more premium features as standard and a more premium exterior.

Inside the cab were 3 rows of seating for up to 7 passengers alongside modern comfort and safety technology thanks to the abundance of space.

This model sits at the top of the Ford lineup of SUVs above the Edge and Explorer which cast away their offroad equipment years ago.

The most recent version of the SUV is the fourth-generation which first came onto sale in 2018 and is assembled in Kentucky.

Customers have limited choices in terms of drivetrain, you can only have a 3.5-liter V6 mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

You can however adjust the level of features you get in your version of the Expedition though through the trim level, including XLT, Limited, King Ranch and Platinum.

A special police forces version of the car is available to law enforcement agencies called the SSV that has features such as storage for equipment onboard.

In 2007 a longer wheelbase version was released called the Ford Expedition Max which featured greater legroom.

Common Problems With The Expedition

  • Spark plugs – reportedly for the first 10 years that the Expedition was made owners were finding the engine had spat out a spark plug causing the check engine light to switch on. This could cost up to $500 as the threads that hold them in will need to be re-drilled
  • Ignition coil – related to the first common problem; the ignition coil can fail easily due to gaps between the engine block and spark plugs costing almost $1,000 to fix