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Ford has a diverse range of automobiles ranging from affordable superminis like the Fiesta all the way to the GT supercar. They also span across every continent in the world, being the fifth-largest in the world and second largest in their home territory the USA. You can find service/repair manuals for most of the modern lines that have sold this century on this page.

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You can find the Courier nameplate used by Ford across 7 decades starting with the 1950s. It has been used on vans, pickup trucks and commercial versions of full-size and station wagon cars

Crown Victoria

The Crown Victoria was made into its own model at the start of the 1990s, a full-size 4-door sedan popular with law enforcement and taxi companies. It went through 2 generations of design before being discontinued in 2011


The E-Series was a van-based offshoot from the F-Series that appeared during the early part of the 1960s. It went on to become one of Ford's most important lines and is now offered in a highly customized cutaway cab version


The Ford Edge is the American automaker's flagship mid-size crossover SUV that was built on the Fusion chassis originally. It has been sold as the Mazda CX-9 and the Lincoln MKX during the first decade it was in production

Escape (Kuga)

The Escape started out as a joint project with Mazda who called their model the Tribute. Then Ford switched to a rebadged European-designed Kuga for the North American market in 2013 instead


Since the mid-1990s the Expedition has remained the full-size SUV offering from Ford, taking over from the original Bronco and Excursion. It shares its platform with the F-150 and is also marketed as the Lincoln Navigator with a higher level of luxury

Explorer (+Sport Trac)

The Explorer started its life as a mini or mid-size SUV (depending on if you bought the 2 or 4-door version) before becoming a mid-size crossover SUV in 2011. It was based on the Ranger chassis but has now moved to the one used by the Taurus


The F-150 is the American automaker's flagship full-size pickup truck that regularly outsells all other cars in the USA. Its chassis is used by several other lines as a platform including the new Bronco and the full-size SUV the Expedition


The F-250 is the smallest of the Super Duty Trucks range that share the same cab but not the same chassis as the smaller F-150. These pickup trucks are commonly used for commercial purposes and boast larger displacement engines


Classed as a supermini, the Ford Fiesta first hit the roads in the mid-1970s during a growing oil crisis. Over the years the line has been perfected and is now used as a base for other models such as the EcoSport and Puma


Introduced in 1999 for the European market and in 2000 for the US one, the Focus is the company's global compact car. A variety of high-performance versions have been released over the years including the RS and ST


The Fusion was the last of the 4-door sedans from Ford that ran from 2005 through to 2020. It was sold as the Mondeo in Europe and was a luxury version was also marketed as the Lincoln MKZ at various points during its lifespan

Ka (incl. Ka+)

The Ka has gone through 3 generations of change where it has switched from a city to a subcompact car. Based on the Fiesta, then the Fiat 500 it switched back to the Fiesta platform during its thrid generation in 2014


The Mustang is one of the original pony cars launched in the mid-1960s. With a turbulent history dictated by rising oil prices, the model has now returned to its roots with retro styling and a range of economical and high-performance engines


Starting life as a compact pickup truck for the North American market, the Ranger has grown to become a mid-size pickup truck on sale all around the world. Modern versions contain impressive technology such as Apple and Android connectivity and 4G internet


First appearing in the mid-1980s, the Taurus was the company's flagship mid-size car for many years until buyers switched to SUVs and pickup trucks. Modern versions of the car are based on the Fusion and sold in China


Introduced in the 1960s, the Transit went on to become the best-selling van in the world and broke into America and Asia in the 1990s. Modern examples boast locking differentials and power sliding doors along with comfort features inside the cab

About Ford

The Ford Motor Company first formed in 1903 by Henry Ford, after he sold his previous automobile manufacturer Cadillac that he had formed 2 years previously.

This new company was founded by a group of investors that included the two brothers that would go on to create rival Dodge.

Henry Ford introduced many new industrial methods to the production of automobiles including the moving assembly line. This allowed the company to produce automobiles at a large scale and sell them cheaply, leading to the first mass-produced car the Model T.

Over the years Ford bought out many of its competitors around the world securing itself a foothold in Europe and Asia. They even created several brands from scratch including high-end Mercury.

In recent years the company has shifted its focus to crossover SUVs to keep up with the market demand.

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