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The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the Dodge brand is ‘performance,’ but the company actually began life creating motor parts.  For service manuals on the Challenger or many other Dodge cars, check out the PDFs on this site below.

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Taking over from the Neon as the company's compact car model, the Caliber only ran for 6 model years from 2007. It was based on the Jeep Patriot/Compass platform and also shared many components with the Mitsubishi Lancer

Caravan (+Grand)

Introduced in the mid-1980s, the Caravan was one of the first minivans produced in the USA. 3 years after its release the American automaker released a long-wheelbase version called the Grand Caravan which eventually took over as the only version


In the mid-1980s the Dakota was introduced as a mid-size pickup truck and would go on to sell until 2011. It served as the base for the Durango for a while and was even sold under the spun-off Ram brand for 2 years before being discontinued


The Dart name started out in the late-1950s as it jumped from full-size car to compact car over the next 15 or so years before being discontinued. In 2012 the name was revived as a compact car again built on a Fiat chassis


Starting as a mid-size SUV in 1999, the Durango was switched to be a full-size SUV in 2004. In 2011, after a year not on sale, the model returned as a mid-size crossover SUV sharing its platform with the Jeep Grand Cherokee


From 2009 to 2020 the Journey mid-size crossover SUV was on sale using the Avenger sedan as a platform. Eventually, the Durango took over in the same slot as Dodge move towards being a performance-focused brand


To replace the Colt and Shadow the Neon was introduced in the 1980s. It's a compact car that ran for 20 years before being replaced by the Caliber. It was revived in 2016 for the Mexican and Middle-Eastern markets using the Fiat Tipo as a donor

Ram Pickup

Originally a Dodge, the Ram Pickup was spun off into its own brand in 2010 along with the Viper. Modern examples of the pickup truck boast incredible comfort features such as a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system inside the cab


The Stratus ran for 10 years and across 2 generations of design as the company's mid-size car. It replaced the Spirit, Dynasty and Avenger lines and was eventually replaced by the Challenger that had started winning back the public

About Dodge

For all the car companies out there, Dodge arguably has some of the most interesting trivia – before building car parts, the Dodge brothers actually manufactured bicycles and stoves.

As with most American car manufacturers, Dodge has a long and varied history; established in 1913, Dodge created their first automobile, the four-cylinder tourer. This particular model was considered ahead of its time, as in direct contrast to most models on the market with wooden frames, Dodge vehicles boasted a steel skeleton.

During WWII Dodge switched to manufacturing trucks and 4×4 to military specification to aid in the war effort, then took the lessons learned in sturdy design and began to apply them to vehicles intended for the consumer.

As a result, Dodge has introduced perhaps the most iconic range of vehicles to grace the silver screen like the Charger, Viper and Monaco.

These cars pack some serious heat under their bonnets and time and time again have proven to influence the whole commercial market. One of the most iconic models, the Dodge Challenger is continually changing and improving and though it may not be in its final form, has always dominated the super-muscle car market.

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