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Chevrolet (more commonly known as Chevy) belongs to a large number of companies owned by the American manufacturer General Motors. Chevrolet boasts diversity, selling models anywhere from compact SUVs to powerful trucks (the latter arguably more synonymous with the brand). We’ve given you free access to all PDF service manuals on this site, just select your model below.

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The Astro was a van that could also be configured to be a large minivan capable of carrying up to eight passengers + cargo. It was also sold as the GMC Safari with more of the optional features included as standard


For 18 years the Aveo was the American automaker's subcompact car offering, with production beginning in 2002. It was sold in 120 countries through 6 different brands and was even offered in a sporty RS trim with a turbocharged engine and alloy wheels


The Blazer is an SUV brought in to give the Ford Bronco a run for its money during the 1960s. It ran until the early-1990s when it was replaced by the Tahoe. In 2019 it made a comeback as a mid-size crossover SUV based on the GMC Acadia


The Cavelier was a model sold by GM under many of their brands from the 1980s through to the 2000s. It took advantage of the switch to front-wheel-drive cars after the oil crisis and was eventually replaced by the Cobalt


The Cobalt took over as the new compact car in the Chevrolet range from the Cavalier in 2005. It was on sale for 5 years and during that time was offered in a selection of standard engines as well a supercharged and turbocharged version


The Chevrolet Colorado and badge-engineered GMC Canyon were originally compact pickup trucks when they were released in 2003. In 2011 a second-generation model hit the roads and buyers found them to now be mid-size pickup trucks


The Cruze took over from the short-lived Cobalt as the compact car for the American automaker. It went through 2 generations of design before being discontinued in North America and Canada although the name lives on in Asia


The Equinox starter life as a mid-size crossover SUV until more recently when it was reclassified as a compact crossover SUV as it changed its platform. With each generation the sales climb as the car becomes more economical and packed full of features


The Impala started out as a premium trim for the Bel Air during the 1950s and went on to become its own model in the 1960s. It ran successfully for many years until it was discontinued in 2020 as demand dwindles for sedans like these


The Malibu began life as a trim on the Chevelle in the 1960s but by the mid-1970s it was branched off into its own line for 10 years. After a brief break between the 1980s and 1990s, the Malibu returned once again as an FWD car


The S-10 was the first American-produced compact pickup truck and ran for just over 20 years. It was used as a base for the S-10 Blazer compact SUV and was eventually replaced by the Colorado in North America


Since the late 1990s, the Silverado has served as the American automaker's flagship full-size pickup truck. Its chassis is also used under the Tahoe SUV with many of the features and drivetrains shared between the two models


Since the early 1990s the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMY Yukon have both been marketed by General Motors, sharing most of the same components. Both are classed as full-size SUVs and are offered primarily with large V8 engines


On the Chevrolet Trailblazer service manuals page you can find all of the PDFs we store for that particular car.


The Traverse started life as a full-size crossover SUV but later got reclassed as a mid-size in 2018. It is badge-engineered alongside the GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave and Cadillac XT6 that all offer varying levels of features and luxury

About Chevrolet

The company’s history dates back to 1911, where the race car driver and engineer, Louis Chevrolet co-founded the ‘Chevrolet Motor Company’ in Detroit with his brother.

Ambiguity surrounds the history of the company’s logo – with some attributing the infamous ‘bowtie’ emblem to its creator taking inspiration from a French hotel’s wallpaper. Others believe the image was a direct copy from the ‘Coalettes’ coal company; but perhaps the most common theory is that the bowtie is actually a cross, making reference to the founder’s Swiss roots, drawing from the design of the country’s flag.

These automobiles to their owners are as American as apple pie and the 4th July; maybe because the factories were originally based in New York, Ohio, Michigan and St. Louis, or possibly because of the large engines and muscle-car status.

Over the decades, the vehicles coming off the production line have, for the most part, kept up with the trends and demands of the time.

In the economic downturn of 2007, Chevrolet again successfully read the needs of the market and produced a range of fuel-efficient cars and trucks, which lead to a plug-in hybrid in 2010.

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